Trump attacks McConnell and Ryan amid debt ceiling fight

President Trump is again setting his sights on Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

Historically, Republicans and Democrats have clashed over how to raise the debt ceiling and are motivated by the threat of default. Linking a popular VA reform bill to the must-pass legislation likely would have only delayed the passage of the former and not expedited the passage of the latter.

Trump's attack on McConnell is just the latest in what has devolved into a bitter feud between the president and the top Senate Republican.

An aide to McConnell told ABC News that McConnell and Trump have not spoken since a phone call on Aug. 9, in which Trump attacked McConnell over the failed votes on repealing Obamacare and for not effectively protecting the president in the face of mounting inquiries into his campaign's alleged ties to Russia.

The public spat resulted in the White House and McConnell issuing separate statements Wednesday assuring the public that the two still have shared legislative priorities and will hold previously arranged meetings upon Congress' return from the August recess.

McConnell and Ryan have backed away from Trump's threat on Tuesday at a raucous Phoenix rally that he is willing to shut down the government if Congress fails to secure funding for his promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border .

ABC's Benjamin Siegel contributed to this report.