Donald Trump Blasts John McCain's Military Record, Says He's 'Not a Fan'

"I like people who weren't captured."

Attempting to imitate McCain's voice, Trump says "Oh boy. Trump makes my life difficult. He had 15,000 crazies show up."

Trump called his attendees beautiful, proud Americans and not crazy. But, he didn't stop at his war hero attack.

"I like people who weren’t captured," Trump said, then told the audience that McCain "graduated last in his class at Annapolis (Naval Academy)."

McCain spent five an a half years as a POW after he was captured in 1967 while flying his 23rd bombing mission over North Vietnam. His aircraft was shot down by a missile and he nearly drowned landing in a lake. He had his shoulder crushed by his captors, who refused to treat his injuries, which were exacerbated by beatings administered during interrogations. He survived a program of severe torture and his wartime injuries restrict him from lifting his arms above his head.

Shortly after his remarks, Trump released a statement doubling down on his attack on McCain by saying, "I am not a fan John McCain because he has done so little for our Veterans."

But Trump also wrote that he has “great respect for all those who serve in our military including those that weren't captured and are also heroes.”

John McCain was not available for comment.