Trump vs. Clinton Poised to Be Battle of Most Disliked Nominees in Decades

Trump is the more disliked candidate, and the two are most unfavorable match

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll has Trump with a 60 percent unfavorable rating and Clinton at 53 percent unfavorable.

No Democratic candidate or nominee has had an unfavorable rating above 50 percent until Hillary Clinton in this election.

And no presidential candidate from either party who has secured the nomination has reached Trump-level unfavorable ratings.

The highest unfavorable rating in the past three decades belonged to David Duke, the former KKK grand wizard who announced his support of Trump earlier in this campaign, during his 1992 presidential run. He was viewed unfavorably by 69 percent of Americans, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll in February of that year. But he did not win his party's nomination.