Trump Says Cruz Got His 'A-- Kicked' in Louisiana, But Took Delegates

GOP front-runner goes after election process in home state

ByABC News
April 11, 2016, 10:41 PM

— -- Speaking to a crowd of thousands, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump slammed the presidential primary process, calling it a “crooked system."

He invoked the Louisiana GOP primary, in which Trump won the popular vote but tied with rival Sen. Ted Cruz for delegates.

"I end up winning Louisiana and then when everything is done I find out I get less delegates than this guy that got his a-- kicked, OK? Give me a break. Really disgust[s] me. So it's a very sick system,” he said.

Trump got 41.4 percent of the popular vote, while Cruz garnered 37.8 percent.

Monday night marked a return for Trump to large arenas, venues his campaign had temporarily avoided for their tendency to attract protesters. But, as large crowds poured in, so did the dissenters; a minor scuffle broke out between Trump supporters and a small group of protesters, as a group of protesters gathered outside.

Trump continued his tirade by invoking another state in which he lost a delegate battle; Colorado. Cruz got all 34 delegates in that state without a popular vote, although delegates themselves were voted on.

"So we have a rigged system,” Trump began. "It's a fix.”

“If I go to the voters of Colorado, we win Colorado so it's a crooked, crooked system,” he said.

He invoked his usual attacks on his rival, leading the crowd in chants of “Lyin' Ted” as he continued to slam the Texas senator for his past comments on “New York values.”

"Remember New York Values when this character said with disdain and actually with hatred...he knocked pretty viciously New York values. We have the greatest values. Nobody has values like us, and the country loves New York,” he exclaimed.

Trump also compared himself with the populist candidate on the other side of the aisle, describing what he sees as a shared struggle.

"So every weekend I see the results come in. Bernie Sanders wins, and he wins, and he wins and then these people are saying he can't win because the system is rigged,” he said.

He went on, listing another similarity between the two.

“Take a look at Bernie Sanders. Running against -- you talk about liars I think Hillary might be worse than Ted. So I’m no fan, I am no fan of Bernie Sanders that I can tell you alright. Though we agree on one thing. Trade. We are getting ripped off on trade by everybody. The only difference is I can do something about it,.”