Trump didn't know fallen soldier's name, kept calling him 'your guy,' congresswoman says

Wilson isn't changing her story after Trump suggested she would.

"I heard him say, 'Well I guess you know he knew what he was signing up for, but it still hurts,'" Wilson told ABC News.

Earlier in the day Trump called her description a "total fabrication" and suggested that she would issue a correction. Instead, she doubled down on her criticism of him.

"It was the wrong thing to say, but that's not the worst part," Wilson said. "He did not even know La David Johnson's name. He kept referring to him as 'your guy.' He never called his name. So that was even more painful."

She said other family members who overheard the conversation also seemed upset by it.

"He didn't call her by name. He didn't call anyone by name. He was just talking. That was so insensitive and so terrible, and I felt insulted, and I'm sure the widow felt insulted, and everyone else in the car was just shaking their heads," she said.

Trump said in a tweet today he had "proof" Wilson wasn't telling the truth. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders later said he was referring to officials who were in the room with him during the call and could corroborate his version of the conversation. Sanders said there is no recording of the call.

Sanders called Wilson's actions "disgusting" and accused her of politicizing the death of a service member. "I think it's appalling what the congresswoman has done and the way she's politicized this issue and the way that she's trying to make this about something that it isn't," she said.

Wilson does not deny politicizing the call. When asked about it by ABC News, she said she's a politician and acts as a voice for the people. "When I pick up a puppy, I'm politicizing it," she said.