Trump Hints About What He Learned in Classified Briefing

Trump said Obama administration did not follow recommendations.

ByABC News
September 7, 2016, 10:41 PM

— -- Donald Trump hinted about what he learned in a classified intelligence briefing during a televised forum with members of the military and veterans Wednesday night.

Trump, who has assailed his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, for mishandling classified information over her private email server, discussed the briefing with NBC News' Matt Lauer.

"What I did learn is that our leadership, Barack Obama, did not follow what our experts and our truly -- when they call it intelligence, it's there for a reason, what our experts said to do," he said during the forum.

"In almost every instance, and I could tell, I'm pretty good with the body language, I could tell. They were not happy. Our leaders did not follow what they were recommending."

Trump did not get into other specifics about the briefing, which is given to each of the presidential candidates after their nomination conventions. The idea behind the briefings is to bring the candidate up to speed so they can be ready to go on Day One of their presidency.

Lauer had asked Trump if he learned anything in the briefing "that makes you reconsider some of the things you say you can accomplish, like defeating ISIS quickly."

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