Donald Trump Opponents Ramp Up Ad Spending Using Controversial Comments

Outside groups and candidates try using his words against him.

ByABC News
May 17, 2016, 9:25 AM

— -- Opponents are ramping up their efforts to use Donald Trump's words about women, race and other topics against him.

The real estate mogul's at-times controversial statements about women have already been featured in digital and television ads by candidates and outside groups, but now the money behind the efforts is being increased.

One such group, Priorities USA, announced today it plans to spend additional millions of dollars in ad buys before the next big multistate primary day June 7.

"Priorities USA is ready for a close and competitive election, which is why in addition to the $130 million in ad reservations already placed, we are announcing $6 million in TV ad reservations to start this Wednesday and run until June 8th when the rest of advertising kicks in," the group said in a statement released today.

Priorities USA, a political action committee supporting Hillary Clinton, released the first two ads Monday night. The new ads focus on Trump's past comments about women, but the group plans to highlight other areas in future ads.

"I can say that over the course of the campaign we will show numerous examples of him dividing the country by race, ethnicity, body type and, yes, gender," spokesman Justin Barasky told ABC News Monday before the ads first aired.

This isn't the first time during this election cycle that an outside group released an ad focusing on Trump's comments about women.

Our Principles PAC, run by former Mitt Romney deputy campaign manager Katie Packer, released an ad in March showing female actresses’ reading comments that Trump has made about women in the past, including a series of Howard Stern radio interviews and campaign trail remarks about former competitor Carly Fiorina or Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Trump's words are also being used against Arkansas Sen. John Boozman, a Republican who is up for re-lection.

He is being challenged by former U.S. Attorney Conner Eldridge, who released an ad that calls Boozman an "enabler" of harassment because he endorsed the real estate mogul.

"I do think it's fair because when he says, 'I'll support Donald Trump' without any other comments, he is enabling and ... implicitly endorsing those comments," Eldridge told ABC News.

Boozman did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment.