Trump Says 'Seriously Overweight' Protester Upset Over Talk of Food Stamps

Trump made the comments during a rally in Worcester, Mass.

ByABC News
November 18, 2015, 9:37 PM

— -- A Donald Trump rally was interrupted several times by protesters tonight and the outspoken presidential candidate suggested that one of them, whom he described as "seriously overweight," was upset because he was talking about food stamps.

"You know it’s amazing, I mentioned food stamps at that guy who’s seriously overweight went crazy -- Amazing. Amazing," Trump told the audience in Worcester, Mass. "That’s an amazing sight."

The protester was escorted out of the rally.

Just before the protester interrupted Trump, the candidate was talking about the need to roll back the number of people on food stamps.

"We have 43 million and now it’s actually probably gonna be closer to 50. 50 million people on food stamps," Trump said just prior to the interruption.

The rally was interrupted a total of three times tonight, once when a group held up a banner that read “Migrant Lives Matter,” and the second when a man had to be pulled out of the venue by security, shouting “Trump’s a racist, Trump’s a racist” all the while.

Trump also used the rally as an opportunity to brag about his poll numbers and attack other candidates in the race, at one point faking falling asleep on the podium as he brought up the topic of Jeb Bush.

“I don’t want to waste a lot of time on him because it’s over. It’s over,” Trump said of Bush, who he's described as "low-energy." “And you know what I think he’s a nice person. Who cares? Who cares?”

Of retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who has been the only candidate to eclipse Trump in some recent polls, Trump said he’s “going down.”

"Carson, he’s going down, he’s going down, you’ve got to know about foreign policy. You gotta know. Gotta study,” Trump said.

Trump specifically criticized Carson over his recent blunder on foreign policy, when he struggled to name one world leader he would call to pull together a coalition to take on ISIS in a television interview.

“It was devastating when you watch the interview but he’s unable to comprehend foreign policy,” Trump said. “We can’t do this. I think he’s a nice guy probably who knows. I don’t care. I don’t care. We need somebody that’s sharp and tough and smart.”

He described another Republican rival, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as a “lightweight” and mocked those who have compared him to President Ronald Reagan, saying “he’s no Reagan.”

Trump took particular issue with Rubio for having missed Senate briefings on the Paris attack today while he was fundraising in California.

"They're getting ready for Homeland Security issues and votes, and he’s in California. What is he doing? He’s raising money, always money with these politicians. Money, money, money,” Trump said. “I am self funding, I don’t need to raise any money.”

He also lobbed attacks in the direction of the Democratic presidential candidates, saying that Democrats are “protecting” Clinton because Sanders is not electable.

“You can’t vote for Bernie,” Trump said. “Did you hear this one? The Paris attacks were caused, according to Bernie sanders, were caused by global warming.”

While Sanders has argued that global warming has the potential to lead to more conflict and terrorism, he has not said that the Paris attacks were a result of climate change.