Trump tweets church choir's 'Make America Great Again' song

Trump tweeted about a "Make America Great Again" song performed at a church.

July 4, 2017, 8:05 AM

— -- President Trump started Independence Day with a tweet featuring a church choir’s performing its rendition of "Make America Great Again.”

The song by First Baptist Church in Dallas premiered Saturday night during its "Celebrate Freedom Rally," and was written by the church's former minister of music Gary Moore.

It was performed about half-an-hour into the nearly two-hour concert. Cue this video to the 34-minute mark to hear the song.

The text of the song goes as follows:

Make America great againMake America great againLift the torch of freedom all across the landStep into the future joining hand in handAnd make America great againYes make America great again.

Americans from ev’ry corner of this blessed landCome together with one voiceHelp us take a standFollowing the vision to make her proud and grandAnd make America great againMake America great again

Like the mighty eagle that is rising on the windSoaring t’ward our destinyHearts and voices blendWith a mighty melody oh let the song beginAnd make America great againMake America great again

Each and every stateMake America great againMake America great again

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