Trump Supporter Booby-Traps Yard Sign to Thwart Thieves

Video of an attempted theft shows a woman tripping after attempting the theft.

ByABC News
September 5, 2016, 12:50 PM

— -- It's a sign of the times.

A Donald Trump supporter from Indiana has gone to great lengths to protect his yard sign showing his pride in the real estate mogul's campaign -- booby-trapping it in an attempt to thwart thieves, according to a report.

Designing a trap reminiscent of something from the movie "Home Alone," or "Goonies," the man, Phillip, who asked ABC affiliate RTV6 not to use his last name, surrounded his Trump sign with fishing wire and string painted green to match the color of the surrounding grass.

After the first attempt, he also set up a camera to record people who come close to it, the report said.

The man said that the device caught two alleged thieves in the past month.

"I'm 2 and 0," he boasted to the affiliate. After the first attempt, he found the sign nearby and returned it to his lawn.

The report said that he took video of the second attempt to police.

ABC News reached out to the Indianapolis Police Department, but the call was not immediately returned.

Video of one of the theft attempts appears to show a young woman reaching to snatch away Philip's yard sign. She grasps it, but when she turns around to escape, her foot gets caught in the trap, sending her flying out of view.

"Whether it's a Bernie or Hillary or a Trump sign, you might disagree with whatever the politics are, but it's not yours," Phillip told the affiliate. "Leave it alone."

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