Trump, Xi sit down to dinner at G20 to discuss trade war

The two nations are in an escalating battle of tariffs.

Trump expressed optimism that, based on his and Xi’s friendship, the two sides would be able to hammer out an agreement that would prevent U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports from a scheduled increase in January.

The president was flanked by top officials including Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, National Security Adviser John Bolton and trade adviser Peter Navarro.

Trump noted that he will be departing for Washington, D.C. once the dinner concludes and that following his arrival, the presidential aircraft Air Force One will be reset and sent to Houston, Texas, where it will bring the remains of the late president George H.W. Bush to Washington for his state funeral.

Xi also expressed his sympathies for the Bush family and said the Chinese foreign ministry conveyed its condolences to them.

He said the meeting with Trump was a “representation of our personal friendship.”

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