You're Footing the Bill for These Perks for Former US House Speakers

Republican lawmakers are calling for an end to post-speaker perks.

It's a little known perk for former speakers: a government-funded office for five years that may include up to three aides, with six-figure salaries, postage-free mailing privileges and an office allowance for furnishings.

Two Republican lawmakers have had enough with the practice and are calling for a bill to deauthorize the program immediately.

Boehner is taking advantage of the allowance, which was established more than 40 years ago, setting up shop in the Longworth House Office Building, although the space could be located anywhere in the United States.

Boehner can use the office to “facilitate the administration, settlement, and conclusion of matters pertaining to or arising out of” his service in Congress, but not for political purposes, according to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.