Vice President-Elect Defends Trump's Unsubstantiated Claim of 'Millions' of Illegal Votes

Trump tweeted an unsubstantiated allegation of 'millions' of fraudulent votes.

When pressed about whether he believes the claim is accurate, Pence said, "I think one of the things that’s refreshing about our president-elect and one of the reasons why I think he had an incredible connection with people all across this country is because he tells you what's on his mind."

"But why is it refreshing to make false statements?" Stephanopoulos said.

"Look, I don't know that that is a false statement," Pence replied.

The 2012 Pew study in question focused on the need to update voter registration records.

He suggested that the Trump campaign didn’t focus on the popular vote because it wasn’t what was needed to win. "I can assure you if this [election] had been about the popular vote, Donald Trump and I would have been campaigning a whole lot more in Illinois and California and New York."