'This Week' Transcript: Ben Rhodes and Marco Rubio

ByABC News
November 15, 2015, 9:00 AM

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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Starting right now, a special edition of THIS WEEK, Paris Attack.

This morning, new video capturing the confrontation with the terrorists.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: An act of war by ISIS, new arrests, France on lockdown.

Now, fears of more attacks -- what comes next?

Breaking details on who's behind the horror.

Did ISIS terrorists pose as refugees to slip through the cracks?

And could it happen here?

How security is being stepped up in major cities across the US. The very latest insight and analysis from our team around the world and presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

From the global resources of ABC News, a special edition of THIS WEEK, Paris Attack.

Here now, chief anchor, George Stephanopoulos.


We are covering all the fallout from those deadly attacks in Paris Friday night.

First, the stunning new video. It captures the moment gunfire rings out in the Bataclan concert hall.


STEPHANOPOULOS: And (INAUDIBLE) was a firefight right outside the hall. Civilians running for cover as the police moved in.

We are also learning more about how these attacks were carried out. Six sites targeted across Paris. French investigators say at least seven attackers worked in three teams. And just this morning, a car filled with Kalashnikovs discovered in a Paris suburb.

We are also learning more about the victims -- 192 people killed, including a college student from California, Nohemi Gonzalez.

President Obama weighed in from Turkey this morning, saying the skies have been darkened, it is an attack on the civilized world.

This morning, we're going to hear more from President Obama, Senator Marco Rubio, our team of terror experts

And we begin in Paris with "WORLD NEWS TONIGHT" anchor, David Muir -- good morning, David.


DAVID MUIR, ABC ANCHOR (voice-over): This morning, dramatic new video showing the moment French police faced off with a gunman who had just been inflicting horror inside that concert hall.

"Time" magazine obtaining video of this terrifying scene unfolding Friday night. At first, a Paris street in stunned silence, aware of the horror inside that theater. Then outside, a barrage of bullets.


MUIR: An exchange of gunfire sending police out of the line of fire then retaliating. Civilians fleeing the bullets.

Now, nearly 48 hours after those terror strikes...


MUIR: -- landmarks closed, the iconic Eiffel Tower shut down.


MUIR: More than 1,000 troops deployed, guarding the city streets.

The deputy mayor here telling us they have never seen terror like this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This isn't in Paris. This is not Paris. This is Baghdad. This is, I don't know, but this is not Paris.

MUIR: There are new pictures emerging this Sunday of French President Hollande in that stadium when the first explosion could be heard at 9:20.


MUIR: Realizing the city of Paris was under attack.

And at 9:40, terrorists entering that popular Bataclan Theater. This Instagram video taken from inside the concert, where the American band, The Eagles of Death Metal, were playing. Suddenly, you can hear the gunshots cutting through the music.