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ByABC News
May 8, 2016, 9:59 AM

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ANNOUNCER: Starting right now on THIS WEEK WITH GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, race of a lifetime.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We're going to win, win, win.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can believe the highs. Now the de facto nominee, Donald Trump, already facing a party on the edge of collapse.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Will the last Republican standing break apart the GOP?

Plus, trading blows.

HILLARY CLINTON (D-NY), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Their presumptive nominee, otherwise called their presumptuous nominee.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: She's married to a man who is the worst abuser of women in the history of politics.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How low will they go?

We're one-on-one with Donald Trump. His own words on Hillary, his feud with party leaders and his vision for the White House.

From ABC News, it's THIS WEEK.

Here now, chief anchor, George Stephanopoulos.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, HOST: Good morning and to all our moms out there, Happy Mother's Day.

Well, a year ago, it seemed impossible. Even a month ago, the odds were long. But this week, Donald Trump sealed the deal, the last man standing for the GOP nomination well before the convention.

In many ways, it's still hard to believe. And for many Republicans, including two former presidents and the speaker of the House, hard to accept, especially after headlines like these. "Donald Trump's Feud with the Establishment Threatens to Break the Republican Party in Half."

And as you'll hear in a moment, the GOP's presumptive nominee is willing to fix it, but only on his terms.

Donald Trump's bet that he can make the grand old party a brand new party and prove his doubters wrong again by winning the White House.

TRUMP: So we've had a pretty busy couple of weeks, right?

STEPHANOPOULOS: Now the nominee, Donald Trump is also the underdog, trailing Hillary Clinton atop a divided party.

TRUMP: Knock the crap out of him, would you?


STEPHANOPOULOS: Questions about his experience, temperament and judgment.

CLINTON: We can't have a loose cannon in the Oval Office.

STEPHANOPOULOS: From day one and with every provocation...

TRUMP: They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists.

STEPHANOPOULOS: -- Trump has been counted out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Trump's running for president, like...


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- does gravity still work, because I mean it's...

STEPHANOPOULOS: And since we're counting, here are some other numbers. Trump will win more votes than any other Republican candidate in U.S. history. He's already hit 10.6 million and with big states still ahead, he will easily beat George W. Bush's 2000 primary record of 10.8 million.

Trump has defeated 16 candidates, another record number, with a combined 200 years in elective office.

TRUMP: I actually wish the primaries were not over. It's so fun this way.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So can Trump defy expectations again?

JOE BIDEN, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: He has beaten the odds. He's surprised everybody. I think we all make a mistake if we don't take him seriously.


STEPHANOPOULOS: The vice president there wearing fellow Democrats that Trump may pivot.

BIDEN: And begin to do the policy pieces of what would make people think, well, maybe this guy can actually be president.