White evangelical gender gap?

One interesting aside from the exit poll: The record gender gap in the national House vote virtually didn’t exist for white evangelical Christians. Men in this group voted Republican by 78-20 percent, women by 72-23 percent. Among non-evangelical whites there was more of a gap: Men, 53-45 percent, in favor of Democratic candidates; women, 64-34 percent. There was a similarly sized gender gap among nonwhites – 71-27 percent Democratic among men, 80-18 percent Democratic among nonwhite women.

These are similar to the gaps seen in 2014, but smaller than those among whites in the 2016 presidential election. Most notably, non-evangelical white men backed Donald Trump 51-42 percent, while their female counterparts went for Clinton, 59-35 percent. And white evangelical men voted for for Trump 86-10 percent, while women did so by a 23-point smaller margin, 75-22 percent. By contrast, the nonwhite gender gap has held steady since 2014, with margins differing by 18 points in 2018 and 2014 and 20 points in 2016.