White House Won't Say If Hillary Clinton Is Right That Small Businesses Have 'Stalled Out'

The White House declined to say if it agrees with Hillary Clinton’s assessment.

Pressed by ABC's Jon Karl at the daily briefing, Press Secretary Josh Earnest refused to respond directly to Clinton's comment on the state of the economy. "We'll take a look at the statistics and get back to you," Earnest said.

Speaking in New Hampshire yesterday, Clinton said that "I want to be sure we get small businesses starting and growing in America again. We have stalled out. I was very surprised to see that when I began to dig into it. Because people were telling me this as I traveled around the country the last two years, but I didn't know what they were saying and it turns out that we are not producing as many small businesses as we use to."

So what's going on with entrepreneurship in this country? According to the Washington Post, it is indeed in decline.