Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Makes Quiet Pilgrimage to Israel

The Wisconsin governor is in Israel -- without the media.

— -- If a top presidential contender goes to Israel but no reporters are there to record it, did it happen?

In addition to those meetings, Walker has been visiting major historical and religious sites and mostly listening, as evidenced by tweets from Walker and from Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, a U.S.-based group.

Walker has planned no open-press events during his roughly week-long trip to the Holy Land. Tweets like the above will comprise American voters' insight into what he's up to.

Walker consistently polls in the top three for the Republican presidential nomination, nationally. He'll return to the U.S. at the end of the week without having made as much noise as other candidates who've gone abroad, and, on the bright side, without the gaffes.

This story has been updated. An earlier version inaccurately stated Walker has shied away from media encounters since a February interview with The Washington Post. His political team notes several broadcast and post-event gaggles with reporters since then, so we've removed that paragraph.