After Withdrawing Support Over 'Lewd' Comments, GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Says He Will Now Vote For Trump

The congressman tweeted he won't endorse Trump, but he will vote for him.

"I will not defend or endorse @realDonaldTrump, but I am voting for him. HRC is that bad. HRC is bad for the USA," Chaffetz tweeted Wednesday night.

But earlier this month -- after audio of Trump bragging to former "Acccess Hollywood" host Billy Bush about sexually assaulting women was leaked -- Chaffetz told ABC News Radio, "I don't plan on voting for Donald Trump ... this is quite the quandary what the nation’s going to have to figure out."

And during another interview with ABC News after the audio's release, Chaffetz said, "I'm out, I can't support Trump after his lewd comments."

When contacted by ABC News Wednesday night, Chaffetz declined to elaborate on his latest tweet, saying, "hopefully it speaks for itself."

ABC News' Ali Dukakis, Lucien Bruggeman and Chris Howell contributed to this report.