YouTube Star GloZell Green Accidentally Called Out Obama’s ‘First Wife’

VIDEO: President Obama laughs off the
WATCH YouTube Star GloZell Brings Gift for Obama's 'First Wife'

YouTube sensation GloZell Green is known for her sharp tongue and quick wit but today she found herself a bit tongue tied.

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The comedian was almost through her hard-hitting White House interview with President Obama when she had an accidental slip.

“My momma says whenever you go to somebody's house you have to give them something. Don't come empty-handed,” she said, after asking the president about race relations, Cuba and cybersecurity.

She then proceeded to pull out three tubes of her signature green glitter lipstick.

“One for your first wife…” she said, as she handed them over.

“My first wife!?” Obama exclaimed. “Do you know something I don’t?”

“Ooh, for the first lady!” GloZell corrected herself, her hands on her head. “…and the first children.”

“I'm sorry,” she said again and again.

“Oh, I'm teasing,” Obama said playfully.