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ABC News launched an extensive day of special programming on the devastating and deadly refugee crisis engulfing the Middle East and Europe. Anchors and correspondents will report on the front lines of those seeking safety from the horrors of war in Syria. “Exodus – Moment of Crisis" airs Thursday, September 10 across all programs and platforms, kicking off on “Good Morning America.”

"This is one of the most important stories of our generation," said ABC News President James Goldston. "We hope to give our viewers a deeper look into what it is like to be torn from your community in the face of devastating war and to give voice to the refugees who feel they have no other option but to put their lives in danger to save themselves and their families. This day of special programming continues our commitment to cover this story now and into the many days ahead."

David Muir travels to the border of Hungary and Serbia, where thousands are crossing every day, to anchor “World News Tonight” and report from a refugee camp. He follows up on the story of a young refugee he profiled last year among the many Syrian children working to support their families. 

ABC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Terry Moran reports from Lebanon and meets with Syrian people who are considering making the dangerous trek that thousands have already tried or endured, some tragically losing their lives on the journey. “Nightline” Co-Anchor Dan Harris travels with one group of Syrian refugees from Turkey to Germany, documenting their trip on foot and by boat, road and train through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and into Hungary. Harris also covers what life is like for a refugee from Iraq after arriving at a new destination. 

ABC News has covered the refugee crisis extensively already with Moran on a journey from Turkey to Greece with a family from Deir Ezzor; Harris from the Greek Island of Lesbos where 20,000 refugees have been trapped for weeks; and Middle East Correspondent Alexander Marquardt spending three weeks on the Mediterranean watching thousands of migrants plucked from the sea, at a Budapest railroad station as refugees marched through Hungary and from Munich as Germans turned out to welcome the refugees. 

ABC News Digital will have live streams and rolling updates from our team along a migration route, capturing real-time conditions on the ground in video, photo and text. Already reporter and producer Molly Hunter has been on the ground for two weeks, traveling through six countries in five days by boat, road & rail with those seeking a better future. A digital live blog is capturing ABC News' coverage

ABC News’ “Exodus – Moment of Crisis” special programming will air on “Good Morning America,” “World News Tonight with David Muir,” “Nightline,” ABC News DigitalABC News Radio and ABC NewsOne