“Boston EMS” Returns for Second Season

Featuring One of America’s Most Seasoned Team of First Responders

One-Hour Premiere Airs Saturday, July 30th at 10:00pm ET on ABC

Returning for a second season, “Boston EMS” gives viewers the chance ride along with the proud men and women of Boston Emergency Medical Services, one of America’s most seasoned team of first responders: the first step in the chain of trauma care. It was this same group that responded to the critically injured Boston Marathon spectators three years ago when the bombs went off. Treating the injured, triaging and transporting the wounded to hospitals, Boston EMS earned the gratitude of a shell-shocked and grief-stricken city with their level-headed professionalism. In “Boston EMS” viewers will meet some of the heroes of that terrible day as they answer calls and respond to a daily dose of trauma and mayhem. “Boston EMS” premieres SATURDAY, JULY 30th at 10:00 PM/ET (10:00-11:00 pm) on the ABC Television Network.

In the riveting season two premiere of “Boston EMS,” paramedics are called to a crowded public park where a man has been stabbed. When they arrive, the victim’s baggy clothes arouse fears that he could be a “human bomb,” wired with explosives. Across town, another EMS crew waits anxiously with firemen, while police try and persuade a “jumper” to come down from the roof of a building.

Terence Wrong is the executive producer of “Boston EMS” and Erica Baumgart is the senior producer. Andy Genovese, Aysu Grodowski, Monica DelaRosa and Sarah Namias are series producers. Emily Wynn and Carly Stipek are field producers. “Boston EMS” is produced by ABC’s Lincoln Square Productions for ABC News.

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