EXCLUSIVE: Sago Mine Emergency Call Transcripts

In tapes obtained exclusively by ABC News' "Primetime," emergency medical technicians at the scene of the Sago Mine explosion and cave-in discuss the accident scene, including the erroneous information that 12 of the miners had survived.

Below are transcripts of the calls:

From Tuesday, Jan. 3, 11:48 p.m.

VOICE 1: "7472."

VOICE 2: "Go ahead, Matt."

VOICE 1: "You might as well just stand still right where you're at, Gary. They did find them, and they're all OK, I guess, so, I think we might be transporting them. I'm not exactly sure, but we're stuck right here."

VOICE 1: "10-4, Matt."

From Tuesday, Jan. 3, 11:54 p.m.

VOICES: (inaudible) VOICE 1: "And what am I telling them?"

VOICE 2: (inaudible) "Twelve, and they're bringing them out."

VOICE 1: "And they're all alive"

VOICE 2: "Uh, as far as I know ... (inaudible)"