Someone Is Hitting on Your Mate: What Would You Do?

What would you do if someone you didn't know was hitting on your mate?

ByABC News
February 29, 2008, 11:42 AM

March 3, 2008 — -- You go out for a romantic evening with your sweetheart, but what if the attractive waiter or waitress at that romantic bistro started hitting on your mate?

ABC News decided to find out. We approached Douglas Caraballo, a newlywed recently married to Claudia. We took Douglas into our confidence and asked him to bring his wife to a New York City restaurant we rigged with hidden cameras. Claudia had no idea an actor, playing a waitress, was about to hit on her husband.

When Douglas and Claudia ordered drinks from Jessie, our beautiful blond actress, she began flirting with Douglas by telling him his face looked familiar. She told him he should be an actor because he had the face for it.

"That was sweet. You an actor babe?" Claudia asked Doug jokingly.

As the waitress continued to flirt with Douglas, Claudia kept her good humor. After awhile, she leaned in to Douglas and said she noticed Jessie was only paying attention to him.

Douglas pretended to be oblivious, even as the attention escalated and became a bit physical. When Jessie took his order, she touched his shoulder and told him she'd be right back with his drink. Claudia noticed the touch and pointed it out to him.

"Babe, she just touched your shoulder," she said. As we did in all of our experiments, we asked Douglas not to react to the flirting.

Jessie continued to pretend she knew Douglas from somewhere, asking if he starred in commercials.

"I swear it's gonna drive me crazy," Jessie said. "I recognize you from something. What do you do?" Claudia guffawed in the background, clearly beginning to have a reaction. And our waitress kept on flirting and touching.

At one point, Jessie forgot to bring Claudia her drink so Claudia decided she didn't want a drink after all. And she began to have a moment of doubt in Douglas. She asked him whether he knew the waitress from somewhere. Douglas swore to Claudia that he'd never seen her in his life, but Claudia insisted the waitress acted like she knew him. Douglas insisted he didn't know her.