Keeping Passion Alive Through 'Skin Parties'

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Oct. 21, 2004 -- -- Stacy and Ira have been together for more than eight years and their passion for each other still burns as hot as a California sunset.

One of the ways they keep that fire burning is through a "skin party" -- where committed couples can take a walk on the wild side -- while remaining faithful to each other.

They dress up -- as sexily as they dare -- and go out for a night of "dirty dancing."

"We just always seem to find ways to keep each other interested," Ira, 30, told Primetime Live. "It's still nice to dress up for each other and feel sexy with your partner," Stacy, also 30, said.

Ira described a skin party as like "adding fuel to the fire." Stacy laughed: " ... turning the heat up."

Due to the nature of their story, Primetime decided it was appropriate to exclude Stacy and Ira's surnames.

Primetime Live joined Ira and Stacy as they attended a skin party at an exclusive nightclub in Hollywood.

It was hosted by Michael Veneziano, who has thrown more than 40 such events, in Miami and New York as well as Los Angeles.

"The skin party is a place where people that are in a relationship can come and feel comfortable, dance -- you know -- be sexy," he said.

Veneziano limits access to fit and attractive couples only. "We don't allow men to come to the skin party to pick up women," he said.

Those conditions help Ira and Stacy enjoy themselves. "I can feel comfortable knowing that she can go on the dance floor and dance with another man, and that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to lead to anything else," Ira told Primetime Live.

"It still feels good, the older you get, to still feel like you're attractive, but to other people," Stacy said.

The evening started slowly for Ira and Stacy -- but there was no doubt that there was a sexual energy in the air.

Couples and total strangers were "dirty dancing", grinding bodies, pushing the boundaries. Women were dressed erotically, with more skin visible than one is likely to see in a public place.

As the evening progressed the dancing became more and more sexy. One woman removed her top. Another let her tube top slip down revealingly. If this were a typical nightclub open to the public the behavior would be considered lewd.

But, also unlike a public club, there were no unwanted advances and no unwanted groping or grinding.

Sometime after midnight, Ira got friendly with another woman. He even removed her thong. Stacy was delighted.

But that's as far as it went. At 2 a.m., the skin party ended. As the couples exited, Veneziano said, "If I've done my job right, then they're gonna go home and go straight to the bedroom."

For Ira and Stacy, Veneziano's plans worked. They were full of anticipation and eager to be alone.

In their bedroom, Ira said, "This is the pinnacle of a great evening."

" ...where the clothes get torn off," Stacy added.

Then they shut the door.

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