Want to Prank Your Parents?

'Primetime's' hidden camera show, "What Would You Do," is looking for participants for the upcoming shoot, "Meet the Parents."

The First Premise: We need couples to "punk" their parents.

You tell your parents you've been getting serious with a boyfriend/girlfriend and want them to meet him or her to get their blessing before taking the next step. Then we'll set up a dinner date to make the introductions. But the new love will act like a total jerk, because the date will be an actor hired by "Primetime." The real boyfriend/girlfriend will watch with us in the control room as we instruct the actor to be the opposite of everything the participant's parents hoped for their child.

How will the parents react? Will they tell their son or daughter the truth? Say something to the date or decide to keep quiet?

We would like to hear from individuals who are in a relationship (provided your parents have not met your significant other) as well as individuals who are single.

The Second Premise: Punking Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Just like Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro in "Meet the Parents," we will be setting up your boyfriend/girlfriend. You'll say that you want to introduce him or her to your parents. This time, the parents will be actors and the new boyfriend/girlfriend will have to determine how to act in the face of obnoxious potential in-laws.

If you are interested in participating in either of these scenarios, please fill out the form below and a "Primetime" producer may get in touch with you.

We plan to film in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. You, your significant other and your parents must currently live in those states, or plan to be in those states, in order to participate.


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