EXCERPT: 'Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story'

Read an excerpt from alleged alien abductee Stan Romanek's new book.

ByABC News
August 18, 2009, 3:22 PM

Aug. 18, 2009— -- Stan Romanek, 46, belongs to a growing community of believers who say they have been personally touched by extraterrestrials. Romanek says he has been abducted by other forms of life.

During Romanek's hypnotic regression therapy, which he uses to jog his memory about what he said were alien abductions, the former computer repair technician, now on disability, told ABC News he is severely dyslexic and had only a fifth grade math proficiency. Yet after his alleged abduction, he says he wrote high-order math equations with his eyes closed. Romanek says he has been told that the equations relate to space travel and planetary diagrams.

In his book, Romanek relives what he says are his personal experiences with extraterrestrials from UFO sightings to abductions, supported by his video, extensive photographs and equations.

Read an excerpt of his book below and you can also browse inside his new book HERE.

I always felt that one of the more valuable pieces of evidence I have been given since this all began were the equations I have drawn, both in my sleep and while under hypnosis. While admittedly they're not as spectacular as some of the video footage I've caught, they have the advantage of being something that can be empirically tested by professionals.

In other words, while the authenticity of photos, video, EVPs and other such evidences can always be challenged, the equations cannot be hoaxed quite so easily -- especially if they contain some valid mathematical data.

What's most impressive about them, at least from my perspective, is what some of the scientists who have studied them have to say. I'm told they seem to be pointing toward ways to manipulate space in order to achieve interstellar travel, but they lack models to bring them all together into a coherent whole. In other words, they are complex enough to be genuine but are not complete enough to be usable. It would be like showing the Wright Brothers drawings of how to build a modern jet engine without a sample of what the final engine should look like or how it works. It's as if the ETs -- if, indeed, that's who is giving me these equations -- want to give us parts of the puzzle without providing the entire puzzle. Or, perhaps they have given us all the pieces but we simply don't know how to fit them together yet.

In any case, I thought I would put all the most recent equations I was given together into one chapter. I showed you some of the ones I drew early on already, and these are the rest that I've drawn (or, more correctly, been given) over the next couple of years, along with explanations of what I'm told they seem to mean.

The first one is one I drew in my sleep almost immediately after we moved from Colorado Springs to our new home in the summer of 2005. I never have any memory of writing them down, but when I wake up in the morning there they are, scribbled onto a pad of paper, lying on the bed. How I got the information in my head was beyond me.

Equation drawn while in my sleep, summer of 2005

I'm told it appears to have something to do with using electromagnetism instead of mass to produce some sort of rotating energy system capable of moving a vessel through a wormhole (a favorite theme of most of my drawings). One of the physicists who has been looking at my renderings, Dr. Jack Kasher, wrote a rather lengthy explanation of what all this means, but it is too technical to include here. In any case, it seems that the ETs are trying to tell us how to use black holes to travel through space, but we are not capable of entirely grasping their ideas at our current level of understanding (or implementing them if we do).

An even more interesting equation was the one I sketched on February 26, 2006. Apparently, I startled my wife awake when she heard me talking in my sleep. As she rolled over, however, she thought it sounded more as if I were carrying on a conversation with someone in the room while writing the equation -- like I was taking dictation from some unseen entity and asking occasional questions while I drew. And, of course, the room was almost completely dark at the time, leaving me no light to write by. Like the equations I drew under hypnosis, apparently I was capable of writing them down as they were given me in the dark and with my eyes closed. How I can do that is a mystery to me. I certainly can't do it normally.

What was even more interesting about this particular equation is that I wrote it backwards, requiring that it be read in a mirror to make sense.

I'm told they have something to do with how waves distort time and space, making it possible to warp space in such a way as to move through it quickly. Again, without a model to pull the meaning of the equation together, it is difficult to understand it completely, but the physicists who have been willing to look my equations over are impressed with its sophistication.Again, according to Dr. Kasher:

... what is truly remarkable about them is how precisely they have been written. They are a set of tensor equations from Einstein's general theory of relativity, which is a theory of gravity. The Greek superscripts and subscripts are precisely written, and in the proper order to make the equations either tensor or scalar. For example, the Greek letter µ used as a subscript followed by a superscript contracts a tensor into a scalar, which matches the rest of the terms in the equation. Also, the double subscripts µ and v indicate a tensor equation. Notice that in each instance the µ precedes the v, as it should. The circles with the arrows probably indicate travel through space via a wormhole, as before.

I wish I understood what all that meant, but it seems to reinforce the idea that whatever I am writing is way beyond anything I am capable of doing on my own, and that the information I'm receiving is entirely beyond my understanding. I don't know how it is possible for me to do these things -- especially writing precise equations backwards with my eyes closed -- but I hope it ultimately turns out to be for the betterment of mankind. Only time will tell, I suppose.

On September 28, 2006, I came up with another nocturnal equation to ponder. As with the previous equation, Lisa was woken up by the sound of me, like the February 2006 incident, apparently talking to someone in my sleep. Now this in itself is not all that unusual—many people occasionally talk in their sleep—but this was a little different. Instead of just mumbling words, however, she watched as I was writing another equation, all the while saying things like, "I don't understand... what?" and "Slow down ... there's not enough room ..."

The fortunate thing is that while I was in the midst of doing this, Lisa got up and woke our friend Don --who had stayed overnight and was sleeping in the bedroom next to ours -- to witness my strange little adventure. Both watched fascinated as I sketched very quickly, with my eyes closed the entire time.

After observing me for a few minutes, they watched as I said, ".... okay," and, after scribbling another line, put down the paper and pencil and lay back down, remaining asleep the entire time. They decided not to wake me and waited until morning to show me what I had done.The next morning I could clearly see that this new equation appeared to be as complex as the others. It all looks like gobbledy-gook to me, but I'm told it is actually quite remarkable and has to do with something called the Schwarzschild radius, or event horizon, of a black hole and another thing called Gauss' Law, which has to do with the distribution of electrical charges in an electric field, both of which are way beyond me. What made this sketch a little different from the others, however, were the strange symbols at the bottom of the page that didn't appear to be written in English or that were algebraic in nature. In fact, they appeared to be another language, one neither I nor Lisa or Don had ever seen before.

I would later learn that the strange symbols were actually an ancient language. Eventually one of the researchers figured out that the language was Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke almost two thousand years ago and one spoken rarely today (leading scholars to consider it an "endangered" language). Even more amazing was the fact that it was the Aramaic word for propulsion. Our friend Heidi also figured out that it not only says propulsion but with the two symbols at the beginning of the word are a zero and a period or point, suggesting that the text is talking about something called zero-point propulsion.

In physics, zero-point energy is the lowest possible energy level a system may possess and is thought to be the theoretical source behind free energy-- that is, an inexhaustible and pure energy system that would, if it could be realized, take care of all of humanity's energy needs forever.I'd never heard of the idea previously and still don't understand exactly how it works, much less how I came to write it in Aramaic, but I knew it had to mean something. It may be related somehow to the equation above it. Is it some sort of formula on how to produce zero-point propulsion? I don't know, but I can't believe all of this is merely one huge coincidence.

What all these equations have to do with me, much less how I came up with them, is a mystery. Skeptics have suggested that they're either nonsensical ramblings -- though there are any number of physicists out there who would disagree -- or that I copied all this stuff out of physics textbooks somewhere. Of course, no one can point to which textbooks I might have gotten it out of, nor does it explain those equations I drew during the regressions in front of a number of witnesses. Either I was acquiring this information from some unknown source out there or everything is an elaborate hoax involving literally dozens of people -- including my wife and kids -- along with a number of credentialed scientists, who are willing to go on record to declare my ramblings valid. Of course, they are not entirely understood; while parts of the equations are recognizable, other parts are not, which implies that they are not nonsensical doodles, but simply that they are discussing quantum physics ideas largely beyond their knowledge. Even more amazing is that, while some of the equations are not new and have been published by others, many of them are new and to this day continue to stump physicists!

University of Nebraska at Omaha physicist Dr. Jack Kasher, whose analysis I have quoted throughout this book, wrote:

Stan has no idea what he is writing -- the symbols look like hen scratches to him. But several of the equations he wrote were graduate-level physics and beyond, and range from advanced electromagnetic theory to special relativity to complicated tensor equations from general relativity and quantum gravity. One page of these equations was even written backwards, as if the beings that were putting them in his head wanted to show us that the equations were coming from Stan, and not copied from elsewhere … There is absolutely no way that Stan could have knowledge of what he wrote. His math abilities have been tested at a sixth grade level, and since there were witnesses present on several of these occasions [when he wrote the equations] I have been forced to conclude that some other beings have put these equations into Stan's head for whatever reason.

Further, in the words of MIT and Princeton-educated physicist Dr. Claude Swanson, who has examined these equations himself in some detail:

In my opinion, these equations are quite beyond Stan's ability to fabricate. They contain useful clues about new physics principles. Some of them correspond to physics theories proposed by others, and others go beyond that. My sense is that they are like a trail of breadcrumbs, designed to lead us to a deeper understanding of physics.

Why I would be given these equations is unclear, but it is as if the ETs are trying to let us know that this is the direction we should go. Of course, I can't prove I acquired this information from extraterrestrials, nor can I guarantee I've necessarily written everything down perfectly. All I can do is leave it for readers to decide for themselves whether these nocturnal doodles of mine constitute evidence that I'm interacting with an alien intellect far more advanced than myself.

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