Crystal to Honor Robin Williams at Emmys; Jim Kelly Has 'No Evidence' of Cancer

Jimi Hendrix's posthumous albums are reissued.

— -- quicklist:1 title: Billy Crystal to Pay Tribute to Robin Williams at Emmys text: Billy Crystal, long-time friend and a former co-star of the late Robin Williams, will be paying tribute to the comedic legend at this year's 66th Emmy Awards.

"We felt we needed to do something powerful and memorable," show producer Don Mischer said, according to E! News. "Billy seemed like the perfect choice"

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quicklist:2 title: Doctors Say Jim Kelly Has 'No Evidence' of Cancer text: Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly was given a clean bill of health by doctors, ESPN reports. Doctors say Kelly, who underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation for his sinus cancer this spring, had "no evidence" of remaining cancer in a follow-up screening Tuesday.

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quicklist:3 title: Jimi Hendrix's Posthumous Albums to Be Reissued text: Jimi Hendrix's "The Cry of Love" and "Rainbow Bridge" will be remastered and reissued next month, Rolling Stone reports. The two posthumous albums, which originally came out in 1971, will be remastered by audio engineer Bernie Grundman, and the release will mark the first time "Rainbow Bridge" had ever been available as an official CD.

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quicklist:4 title: #EverySimpsonsEver Hoping to Be Longest Live Tweet in TV History text: #EverySimpsonsEver is hoping to be the longest live tweet in TV history, spanning over the entire 12 day marathon event of every single "Simpsons" episode, including the Simpsons movie. The fun begins today on FXX at 10 a.m.

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quicklist:5 title: Happy National Senior Citizens Day! text: National Senior Citizens Day is a day on which communities are encouraged to recognize the positive contributions of senior citizens. The day, first declared in 1988, is also meant to bring awareness of the social, health and economic issues that affect the elderly.

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