The Social Climber: Robin Thicke vs. Marvin Gaye's Battle Over 'Blurred Lines'

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Robin Thicke vs. Marvin Gaye: Battle Over 'Blurred Lines'
PHOTO: Robin Thickes Blurred Lines

Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" has been raising eyebrows all summer over its sexy music video.

Now, the song is at the center of a new legal battle over claims that Thicke's "Blurred Lines" sounds too much like Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give It Up."

Artists have been sued before for "borrowing" from popular songs, but this time, it's Thicke taking Gaye's estate to court, asking a federal judge to shoot down claims that "Blurred Lines" copies the Motown legend's song, and another tune by George Clinton's band Funkadelic.

"It is a little bit early to decide whether this tactic is going to help Thicke or not, but it's definitely an interesting and an intelligent tactic," said Cintia Calevoso, an entertainment attorney.

While Thicke has been open in interviews about being inspired by Gaye, Thicke's lawyers say nobody can own a whole "sound," writing to the court that "Gaye defendants are claiming ownership of an entire genre, as opposed to a specific work."

ABC News reached out to lawyers from both sides but they decided not to comment.

What do you think? Decide for yourself:

Thicke's "Blurred Lines"

Gaye's "Got to Give It Up"

'Duck Dynasty' Season Premiere Shatters Cable Records
PHOTO: The cast of "Duck Dynasty."

Fans just love the Robertson brothers and their beards. A whopping 11.8 million viewers tuned in for A&E's "Duck Dynasty" season four premiere Wednesday night.

"Thanks to its authentic and engaging characters 'Duck Dynasty' has become more than just a reality show, it is a cultural phenomenon," said David McKillop, General Manager and Executive Vice President of A&E in a news release. "We would like to thank the Robertsons for their incredible partnership. We are all Happy, Happy, Happy."

To that, Social Climber says let the "Happy, Happy, Happy" continue.

Jane Harvey Dies at 88
PHOTO: Jane Harvey
Beck Starr/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The jazz world is in mourning.

Jazz vocalist Jane Harvey, who performed with Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman died Thursday following a battle with cancer, according to The Associated Press. She was 88.

Harvey's smooth vocals could be heard on songs like "You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me" and "Close as Pages in a Book." She also recorded "A Rainy Night in Rio" with Desi Arnaz.

Rest in peace.

In Memoriam - Jazz Vocalist Jane Harvey Dies at 88

Highest Paid DJs
PHOTO: Calvin Harris
Ollie Millington/Redferns via Getty Images

They're not just mixing sweet sounds together -- they're also raking in the cash. Forbes this week released this year's list of the world's highest paid DJs.

So who tops the list?

Calvin Harris earned a cool $46 million this year -- more than Jay-Z, according to Forbes. Rounding out the top five were Tiesto at $32 million, David Guetta at $30 million, Swedish House Mafia at $25 million and Deadmau5 at $21 million.

Area 51 Still Making Waves Online
PHOTO: Area 51
Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

The truth is out there. And now there's official confirmation.

Area 51 in Nevada has long been the subject of wild conspiracy theories about extraterrestrials, time travel and alien autopsies, but newly released declassified documents from the CIA finally acknowledge its existence.

Although the report makes no mention of the sensational stories that have played out in pop culture for decades, it turns out that Area 51 was started as a testing site for the government's U-2 spy plane.

Let the theories overflow.

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