Meet Two of the USA's Biggest Fans

The duo were left heartbroken along with the rest of the country following game.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but these photos can be summed up in just two: joy and agony.

The day after the U.S.-Portugal game, which ended in a heartbreaking 2-2 draw, fans of the American team are eagerly awaiting a chance at redemption.

Allison DiFilippo and Samantha Donat, college students living in New York City, were photographed reacting to the highs and lows of the game while they attended an outdoor viewing party Sunday night on Governor's Island.

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The two friends, who described themselves as Team USA fans rather than soccer aficionados, said they went to the game with high hopes, which were dashed when Portugal scored in the fifth minute of stoppage time.

"We felt on top of the world –- we beat Ghana and we were invincible, then Portugal kind of proved us wrong right away. And it was almost like bonding, the whole crowd was devastated but there was still a lot of hope," DiFilippo said.

When the United States fired back with two goals to take the lead, DiFilippo, Donat and the crowd of U.S. supporters with them began to see the sweetest outcome -- a victory over Portugal -- as a real possibility.

Then came that soul-crushing goal during stoppage time.

"I think we were almost kind of in awe," Donat said. "Everyone had come in you could feel the energy that we had a shot and everyone was just so hopeful and to have that smashed in the first five minutes just completely changed the direction of the game I think for everyone there."

DiFilippo said everyone "felt a little cheated at the end especially because it was so late, and we were already in the mood that we won."

Like many other fans of the American team who were deflated in the final minutes of the game, the two friends say they are looking forward to Thursday, when the United States takes on Germany in Recife.

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