A.J. Green carted off with foot injury in game that marked his return

CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green was carted off in second quarter of Sunday's game against the Broncos with what was officially deemed a right foot injury.

Green may have reinjured the toe on the right foot that kept him out of the last three games. Green was coming out of his break and took two steps before pulling up and grabbing his foot as he went to the ground.

He was unable to put weight on his foot as he hobbled off to the sideline with the assistance of athletic trainers. Once he got to the bench, he pulled off his helmet and slammed it down.

The normally stoic Green was emotional as he was led to a cart. He covered his face with his hands as the cart took him off the field and to the locker room. He was declared out of the game only minutes later.

If Green's season is done, he will have finished with 46 catches for 694 yards and six touchdowns in nine games played. The Bengals have already been hit hard by injuries and have accumulated 14 players on injured reserve since training camp.

Green was able to avoid surgery on his toe after injuring it toward the end of the game on Oct. 28. He said that coming back to play this season was never a question, regardless of whether the Bengals were in the playoffs.

The Bengals pulled Green from a game against the Texans late in the 2016 season after he had missed several games with a torn hamstring. Although Green wanted to come back, the Bengals decided it wasn't worth the risk. It was a move Green said was "not happening" this time.