Andrew McCutchen daps up young fans and they freak out with excitement

ByTory Barron Via <a Href="" Title="espn" Class="espn_sc_byline">espn </a>
July 20, 2016, 3:40 AM

&#151; -- That moment when your hero acknowledges you at their game, gives you their batting gloves and then daps you up:

Pure bliss. Thank you, young Pirates fans, for reminding us what it is like to be a kid. Thank you, Andrew McCutchen, for acknowledging them and making them feel like the coolest cats at the ballpark.

If you watch the kid on the left point and yell "I love you" and it doesn't tug at your heart strings, you might not have a heart. The unaffected adoration for their favorite player is written all over their faces and it's awesome.

We see you, Cutch. We see you. 

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