Little Big Men

— -- or 10 days during the Little League World Series, 11-and 12-year-old boys become superstars. They get to play front of thousands of fans in South Williamsport -- and millions more on TV -- make friends with players from all over the world and live large at the Grove on the LLWS complex.

So we asked players from each World Series team team to pose like their favorite superhero, then quizzed them about their experience. What it was like to play in a big stadium in front of all those people? What was their most memorable moment in Williamsport? What was the most fun they had off the field?

Here, in their own words -- and native language -- is what that "once-in-a-lifetime experience" of being a Little Leaguer on a really big stage is like:

"My favorite super hero is the Flash because I run really fast and I want to be like him!" -- Fabian Alejandro Mar, 13, of San Nicolas, Mexico

"The positions I play are outfielder, third base, second and pitcher. I got those positions because I'm fast and I can play anywhere ... The most fun I've had [here] is playing Ping-Pong with other teams ... South Korea, Japan and Panama." -- RJ Moore, 12, of Goodlettsville, Tennessee

"My favorite superhero is Superman. After we got off the plane, when we saw the dormitories and grounds in Williamsport, that is my best moment." -- Junseo Cho, 13, of Seoul, South Korea

"Most fun moment was when we hit a home run to go up two runs on [South] Korea." -- Manuel Cruz, 12, of Aguadulce, Panama

"They (players from other countries) have a bigger bodies than [our team] ... like stronger muscle. That is what I will remember." -- Akira Jozawa,13, of Tokyo, Japan

"There are three separate travel or tournament teams that we play on. For All-Stars we all come together to play as one team and we do really good. ... We're all really good friends. I think the crowd kept us motivated and wanting to play a lot harder. " -- Tyler Moore, 13, of Johnston, Iowa

"For the first time I was very nervous, but later on I enjoyed the games and got relaxed. My memorable moment is when I hit a double off the wall." -- Milton Gonzalez, 12, of San Nicolas, Mexico

"Walking out with all those people, I've never done it before. So it was, like, amazing because the crowd was, like, roaring and the stadium was, like, shaking. You just knew how many people were supporting you during the game and how many people were behind our backs." -- Jude Abbadessa, 13, of Endwell, New York

"My most memorable moment was when I first got here and saw the whole Little League Complex" -- Abel DeLeon, 12, of Aguadulce, Panama

"Some of the players from the Caribbean team were awesome. They were so much fun. I'm going to remember them for a while." -- Sam Hennis, 12, of Johnston, Iowa

"Japan is very different. There are different cars and the streets are bigger than [in] Japan. We played with Canada, and they have a tall and nice pitcher. That is what I will remember." -- Shotoku Sato,12, of Tokyo, Japan

"When I got to Williamsport and I saw it, I was nervous from all the fans. After the first game it kind of wore off." -- Carson Rucker, 12, of Goodlettsville, Tennessee

"At first we were very surprised at the crowd and very nervous on grounds like this. But when we lost to Panama, that was the best and worst moment at the same time." -- Junhyeok Lee, 13, of Seoul, South Korea

"It's like a once-in-a-lifetime experience basically, being in the Little League World Series. I don't even know how many people are there, and we're playing baseball and doing really good. So, after we won I can hear them all screaming and stuff. It just felt ... awesome. It's sweet. " -- Brody Raleigh, 12, of Endwell, New York