Board approves plan to move home-run sculpture outside Marlins Park

The gaudy, mechanical home-run sculpture located just over the fence in left-center field at Marlins Park will be going, going, gone.

The Art in Public Places board of Miami-Dade County unanimously voted Tuesday to approve the Marlins' plan to relocate the seven-story-high "Homer" to a new location outside the stadium.

The multicolored sculpture, which was created by multimedia artist Red Grooms for $2.5 million and was in place in 2012, illuminated with every Marlins home run, while pink flamingos flapped their wings and marlins jumped out of dancing waters over palm trees.

"[It's] a topic of passion when it comes to Marlins fans whether they like it or don't like it," Marlins CEO Derek Jeter said of the sculpture prior to the season. "We are always looking to make our fan experience better, and we are listening to what you are saying."

The Marlins plan to use the space inside the stadium to create a new multi-story, standing-room-only spectator area.