Dallas Cowboys London Trip Stirs Up Awkward #cowboySUK Hashtag

The team's efforts to seduce the British public got slammed on Twitter.

— -- The Dallas Cowboys' trip to London this week was a great opportunity to expand their exposure internationally -- until the team's efforts to seduce the British public got slammed on Twitter.

"Next tweet will be from London #CowboysUK" was posted on Tuesday and quickly became #cowboySUK for thousands of Twitterartis.

None of the players made reference to the awkward turn of phrase during practice on Thursday, preferring to stay cool and focus on the game. But they are no longer using the hashtag.

The Cowboys had to quickly overcome their jetlag to be fit for practice in the cold weather at the Allianz Club just north of the capital.

"It takes time to get used to London," said the Cowboys' Jack Crawford. The Brit said his teammates had been asking him all sorts of question on the UK. "It's cold here, the food is different," he told reporters.

Jerry Jones, the team owner, said he was excited to be in London. "We had a pre-season game here 20 years ago! I'm thrilled to be in this great country with great sportsmen."

Jones said a picture of Princess Diana with her two boys wearing Cowboys jerseys was his "favorite of all time."

He also talked about expanding the franchise to London.

"On a personal basis, we would like to have a team in London. It has cachet," said Jones, adding: "The city really does have all the criteria for having an NFL team."

The big question of the day however remained whether Tony Romo would be able to play Sunday. The team is playing against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium.

Romo didn't show up for practice Wednesday, but was able to join his teammates on the rugby field today. The quarterback, who injured his back, told reporters he was feeling better although he started off cautiously.

Was the flight a problem for Romo? Not at all said Jones, who joked the quarterback had a very comfy seat. Conditions in London were definitely on all the players mind before the trip.

"Some guys asked me if they had medicine and MRIs here in London," said coach Jason Garrett, "I told them this is England, where it all started!"

The NFL is not well-known in Britain, but the Cowboys are hopeful mentalities can change.

"I used to find the game boring, until I started understanding the rules," said Crawford, who said his family and friends are coming to cheer his team on Sunday.