Detroit Tigers Players Are Wearing Zubaz, and They Look Incredible

The baseball team is bringing back colorful, ridiculous 1990s fashion.

May 19, 2014— -- Sports teams often adopt fashion styles, a way for the players to bond. Baseball’s Detroit Tigers are finding unity through flashy retro attire – Zubaz.

Zubaz, clothing featuring colorful Zebra-like stripes, were popular during the early 1990s, especially for athletes. But eventually the fad ended, and people went back to wearing solid-colored pants and shorts and bandannas, and the world became a duller place.

The Tigers are reveling in Zubaz fashion, making the clothing a locker-room necessity. It started with pitcher Joba Chamberlain, who bought pairs and pairs of Zubaz at the beginning of the month, right around the time the team held a “Zubazpalooza” event for fans.

Chamberlain wore his threads in the clubhouse, and was even caught napping in them.

Chamberlain's teammates embraced his fashion lead.

Star pitcher Justin Verlander looks relaxed in his striped hoodie, pants and necktie.

Following a sweep of the Red Sox in Boston Sunday, the Tigers celebrated in their splashy clothes.

The Zubaz provide comfortable travel attire.

Despite the team's interesting fashion choices, the players are earning their stripes, leading the A.L. Central division with a 27-12 record.