Dolphins cut Gabe Wright for blindsiding Kenyan Drake in practice fight

DAVIE, Fla. -- A message was sent loud and clear at Miami Dolphins headquarters: No cheap shots are allowed against teammates, especially not at the team's starting running back.

Veteran defensive lineman Gabe Wright was waived by the Dolphins on Tuesday, one day after he charged at and blindsided Kenyan Drake while the running back's helmet was off.

The incident occurred toward the end of a fight involving multiple players during Monday's practice. It was one of several incidents during a particularly physical and testy session.

An angry Drake tossed Wright's helmet to the sideline after the skirmish. Drake did not appear to be injured during the fight.

The fight started when running back Senorise Perry was tackled to the ground unnecessarily for the third time of this particular series. His offensive teammates were fed up and several players on both sides of the ball -- backups and starters -- got involved in pushing and shoving.

Dolphins defensive coordinator Matt Burke wasn't happy with the fights, saying that perceived intensity can be "sometimes misplaced."

"It's got to be within the context of doing what we're asking you to do and executing the scheme too," Burke said. "Just coming out here, being a jackass and running around, that doesn't help us either."

Wright, a 2015 fourth-round pick of the Lions, was running with the third team and appeared unlikely to make the roster. He spent most of 2017 on the Dolphins' practice squad.