Gamers on: Who wins the video-game Heisman on each top 25 team?

— -- By now, you're aware of every top 25 team's most underrated player, weakest position group and even the most likely presidential candidate for 2040 (or so).

Now for the important stuff: Who's the Madden and FIFA king of every locker room?

Using Mark Schlabach's previous  Way-Too-Early Top 25 -- his post-spring update is now out -- here's a look at the best video gamers on each team.

1. <a href="">Alabama Crimson Tide</a>

QB David Cornwell

The self-proclaimed FIFA champ in the Alabama locker room was Geno Smith, but he recently signed a free-agent contract with the Washington Redskins. According to Smith, his most worthy adversary on the team was Cornwell, whose FIFA team of choice is Real Madrid. If you look at Cornwell's Twitter account, he is also a fan of Madden and "Call of Duty." And it looks as though he's the champ when it comes to SnoCross, a snowmobile-riding arcade game. -- Greg Ostendorf

2. <a href="">Florida State Seminoles</a>

RB Dalvin Cook

Not only does Cook return as a preseason Heisman contender, he has a pretty shifty skill set when it comes to playing video games. Cook says he can play anything, but he prefers "Call of Duty". -- Andrea Adelson

3. <a href="">Michigan Wolverines</a>

CB Jourdan Lewis

He is the ultimate teammate -- in "NBA2K16." In a recent tweet, Lewis posted a screenshot of his created player's double-double (22 points, 10 assists) in 20 minutes of play. He can also ball with the best of them online. But just one tip here, Jourdan: Hit the boards a little more. -- Josh Moyer

4. <a href="">Baylor Bears</a>

Nickelback Travon Blanchard

He isn't just one of Baylor's best defenders, he's one of the squad's better Madden gamers. It's not unusual for college football players to be avid Madden competitors but it is odd to see one admit to another's prowess "on the sticks" like Chris Johnson did last November. The Bears quarterback admitted Blanchard, his roommate, was the best Madden player in the household. -- Brandon Chatmon

5. <a href="">Clemson Tigers</a>

G Justin Falcinelli

One day, Falcinelli have the next hot video game on the market. Falcinelli is well versed in computers -- and even has been known to build his own. Teammate Jay Guillermo says Falcinelli does, indeed, create his own video games.- Adelson

6. <a href="">LSU Tigers</a>

RB Darrel Williams

For our purposes, the only game that matters is Madden. And when it comes to mastery of the best football game out there, Williams is apparently the man to beat at LSU. Some of his teammates might dispute this pick, but the junior running back gets the nod as the king of the hill ... for now. -- David Ching

7. <a href="">Oklahoma Sooners</a>

QB Baker Mayfield

When he's not escaping blitzing linebackers or breaking Twitter with his dancing exploits, Mayfield is a avid gamer who excels at "Halo 3." The potential Heisman contender loves video games so much he once considered quitting football in high school and pursuing gaming as a profession. -- Chatmon

8. <a href="">Stanford Cardinal</a>

LB  Craig Jones

The biggest techie on the team might actually be offensive coordinator Mike Bloomgren, who seems to own every gadget ever made in Silicon Valley. But when it comes to video games, the Cardinal go-to is Jones. How big of a gamer is Jones? He went to a DotA (Defense of the Ancients) convention in Seattle last year.-- Chantel Jennings

9. <a href="">Notre Dame Fighting Irish</a>

QB Malik Zaire

The redshirt junior is apparently an accomplished "NBA2K" player, playing with teammates to the point that even co-QB DeShone Kizer, Zaire's chief on-field competition, joked that video games were one way that Zaire was able to bond with teammates better than Kizer could. -- Matt Fortuna

10. <a href="">Ohio State Buckeyes</a>

QB  J.T. Barrett

Outgoing QB Cardale Jones was the resident gamer here last year, and he was known for taking no mercy in NCAA 14. No matter the circumstances. And, since Jones took over for Barrett in a national title game, we think Barrett can handle taking over in this. Barrett retweeted this photo, after all, so he better be ready. He has big, video game shoes to fill. -- Moyer

11. <a href="">Houston Cougars</a>

WRs Ra'Shaad Samples and John Leday

Leday might be the slightly more dedicated of the two; his Twitter feed has several videos of him soundly defeating others in Madden NFL and is open to all comers who want to go head-to-head with him. - - Sam Khan Jr.

12. <a href="">Tennessee Volunteers</a>

QB Josh Dobbs

The Vols have a ton of gamers on their team -- on and off the field. When it comes to video games, players can't get enough of them. But the guy who really stands out is quarterback Josh Dobbs. The brainiac just loves playing EA Sports' FIFA games. It doesn't matter which version of the game it is, he'll play it and he'll boast about how much better he is than you at it. He claims to be the best on the team, and if you don't see him in the library, practicing with teammates or working out in the gym, he's probably at home taking kids to school with his favorite computer generated team, Chelsea. -- Edward Aschoff

13. <a href="">Ole Miss Rebels</a>

DBs  A.J.  and  C.J. Moore

They aren't bashful at all about their Madden skills. The juniors boast with the best and love talking trash to each other in the heat of Madden competition. Their video gaming exploits are well documented on the school's online show "The Season."  The brothers love to taunt each other through every single play possible, which could be tiresome for most, but these two seem to genuinely have fun torturing each other with their words as they bash each other's digital brains in. -- Ostendorf

14. <a href="">Michigan State Spartans</a>

CB  Darian Hicks

A lot of guys play "Call of Duty" or "NBA2K16." But the Spartans' cornerback is a traditionalist. He's still holding out hope that EA Sports' NCAA Football franchise once again returns. He can see the field well in real-life, so we think Hicks can carry that on over to the video-game realm. -- Moyer

15. <a href="">TCU Horned Frogs</a>

DE  Josh Carraway

He dominates his buddies in "Call of Duty," though running back Kyle Hicks is the best all-around gamer on the squad, and the king in both Madden and FIFA. -- Jake Trotter

16. <a href="">USC Trojans</a>

DB  Yoofi Quansah

Quansah hasn't seen much time on the field for the Trojans but he's the only computer science and engineering major on the roster. The program's alumni snapshot provides a pretty good picture of where these alumni end up and game designer is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities. -- Jennings

17. <a href="">Iowa Hawkeyes</a>

TE  Henry Krieger Coble

Krieger Coble grew up just a short train ride from the " Video Game Capital of the World." So, although we're not totally sure about his gaming habits here, the fact he caught 35 balls on 35 targets last season leads us to believe he won't be dropping or losing quarters anytime soon. With his work ethic, we trust he could master Frogger in no time. -- Moyer

18. <a href="">North Carolina Tar Heels</a>

DT Nazair Jones

The All-ACC lineman was a popular pick among his teammates. Jones is a fan of older games, such as Grand Theft Auto or the now-defunct NCAA Football. The departure of the latter game might be a sore subject for the redshirt junior, who has played through 11 complete NCAA seasons in one version of the game. -- Fortuna

19. <a href="">Georgia Bulldogs</a>

The championship belt at Georgia is up for grabs now that Jordan Jenkins has moved on to the NFL. Now it appears that if your first name is Reggie, you're one of the favorites in this race. Whether it's linebacker Reggie Carter, defensive back Reggie Wilkerson or receiver Reggie Davis, one of those guys is probably the best at UGA these days. -- Ching

20. <a href="">Oregon Ducks</a>

LB Jimmie Swain

A lot of players might say they're gamers and cite their love for popular games like Madden or FIFA. But in a recent interview when Swain was asked which video game character he'd be if he could be any, he chose Geralt of Rivia from "The Witcher 3." -- Jennings

21. <a href="">UCLA Bruins</a>

RB Soso Jamabo

Both Jamabo and linebacker Cameron Judge actually list video games as a hobby in their UCLA bios, but it's Jamabo who would more likely hit the B-button on the football field. -- Jennings

22. <a href="">Oklahoma State Cowboys</a>

DB   Darius Curry

When it comes to video games in Stillwater, Curry is the BMOC. Don't tell that to cornerback Ashton Lampkin, who proudly proclaims on Twitter when he takes Curry down on NBA 2K. -- Trotter

23. <a href="">Washington Huskies</a>

WR   Drew Before

He is getting his bachelor of science degree in Informatics, which is the study of computer systems and information. So not only could he probably kick some butts at video games, he could also break down the science behind each of those games, too. -- Jennings

24. <a href="">Florida Gators</a>

Nick Washington

Washington isn't just good at the Rubik's Cube, he's also a video game enthusiast. How much does his love for games run? Well, the junior actually has various video game posters on his walls at home. His go-to games are "Destiny" and "Call of Duty." It can be hard to pry Washington away sometimes, but he isn't shy about his love for the online, gamer world. He also isn't afraid to boast about his "Call of Duty" skills or take down his teammate's skill   for all of Twitter to see. -- Aschoff

25. <a href="">Boise State Broncos</a>

RB   Jeremy McNichols

McNichols scored 26 touchdowns last year (20 rushing, six receiving) and finished as an All-Mountain West second-teamer as a breakout sophomore. Now he's back as a key cog in Boise State's offense, and has a rep for playing more video games than anybody else on the roster. -- Jennings