Insider fantasy draft cheat sheet

— -- It's easy to get overwhelmed on fantasy draft day trying to make the perfect picks. The perfect pitching staff, the perfect rookie keeper, the perfect nacho dip. To aid your quest for perfection, Insider has pared down some of its top fantasy articles to supply only the choicest tidbits for easy reference. Below we've tapped Insider's fantasy experts -- Eric Karabell, Jim Bowden, Keith Law, Dan Szymborski  -- to assemble the key names you need to know on draft day into a one-of-a kind (and printable) cheat sheet.

Included in this ultimate fantasy accessory:

Eric Karabell's "Do not draft list."

• Top-rated impact rookies from Keith Law.

Dan Szymborski's lists of players with surprisingly good and bad projections.

• The 10 players that coming off of down years that Jim Bowden still believes in.

All of it is at your fingertips below. Short, sweet and easily digestible. Unlike that nacho dip.

Note: Players are listed at the position at which they are expected to play the most this season, which may differ from the eligibility they've earned in ESPN's fantasy game.

For more detailed analysis found in the original Insider article, click on the link for each section.

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