Jack Nicholson Attends the Clippers Game and Causes a Scene

The actor is known for his support of L.A.'s other team, the Lakers.

May 16, 2014 — -- Jack Nicholson is known for his support of the Los Angeles Lakers, regularly sitting courtside to cheer on his favorite team.

But Thursday, he decided to visit the Staples Center to watch the city’s other basketball team, the Clippers, face off against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA playoffs.

Nicholson’s appearance spurred a rumor firestorm online. Was he switching allegiances? Jumping on the Clippers bandwagon?

Or was he simply trying to jinx the Clippers?

The intrigue reached a new level after video emerged showing Nicholson, 77, snubbing a boy trying to shake his hand.

The Clippers lost the game 104-98, getting eliminating from postseason play. Nicholson didn’t seem too upset. Clippers fans were quick to blame him.