Jadeveon Clowney fills Jags fans' trash cans with gifts, donates them to charity

— -- HOUSTON -- Jadeveon Clowney knows how to turn trash into treasure.

This week, Jaguars fans sent trash cans to the Houston Texans defensive end after he called Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles?" trash" following the teams' game last Sunday.

When the trash cans arrived at NRG Stadium on Friday, Clowney decided to fill them up, posting a photo on Twitter with both them and a van filled with assorted toys and gifts.?

Clowney donated the truck full of gifts to the Mission of Yahweh in Houston.

The Texans tweeted video of Clowney making the donation.

Bonnie Upright, a public relations professional in Jacksonville, claims to have come up with the idea to send Clowney trash cans, which she said just popped into her head early Thursday morning. A few minutes later, she went on Amazon.com, picked out a trash can, plugged in the address and made the purchase.

"It's Christmas. It's the season of giving," said Upright, who formerly worked with the Blake Bortles Foundation. "Let's have a little fun with it. So I did.

"I was respectful. I didn't go at [Clowney] personally. Didn't say anything hateful or mean. I just wished him a merry Christmas from a trash-loving Jaguars fan."

ESPN's Michael DiRocco contributed to this report.