Will Jameis Winston stay or go?

— -- Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher said Friday that whatever decision star quarterback Jameis Winston makes -- turn pro or remain with the program for a third season -- would not surprise him.

"Jameis loves college football, but I think he's going to be one of the top two players drafted," Fisher said in an interview on "Mike and Mike." "He's got to make a choice. He's got to see what he wants to do. But it would not shock me either way."

Fisher said, at this time, that he doesn't know what Winston will choose to do.

"I understand if he wants to go, when a guy's that high and you're doing what you do," the coach said. "But remember, he's a very, very good student. He's very smart. He loves baseball. He loves his time in college. He loves all the interaction of this, believe it or not. So it would not shock me either way.

"We'll have the discussion here pretty soon."

In the interim, Winston is preparing for the Seminoles' College Football Playoff semifinal on New Year's Day against Oregon. While he does that, he is waiting for a judge to issue his decision in Winston's university code of conduct hearing, which took place over two days in early December. A woman has accused him of sexually assaulting her in December 2012. Winston's punishment could range from nothing to expulsion. The judge's decision is expected before the end of the year.

Winston hasn't lost a game at Florida State. The Seminoles, No. 3 in the CFP rankings, are riding a 29-game winning streak and are intent to prove that a season-long run of close wins has galvanized them for their showdown against Oregon in the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual. The game will be a quarterback matchup of the last two Heisman winners -- Winston versus the Ducks' Marcus Mariota.

Fisher said Friday that he continues to be impressed by Winston's on-field leadership and yearning to learn anything he can about how the game works.

"[We have] great conversations. If I watch Tom Brady every Sunday, I see [Winston] having those same conversations all the time," Fisher said on "Mike & Mike." "I think you have an ultimate competitor who wants to do the ultimate thing.

"... His mentality is go, go, go, let me win. He drives our team. He's so fun to coach that way because his intelligence level, when you talk to him, is like talking to a coach. It really is. That's the thing that makes him special. Good enough is never good enough. He strives, pushes, challenges himself, consistently, every day and every practice because he wants to dominate his opponent."