Meet Marlins Man, the 'Where's Waldo?' of the Sports World

Laurence Leavy was spotted again at the World Series, wearing his orange outfit.

— -- The fans in the front row, directly behind home plate at Tuesday’s World Series game wore blue in support of the Kansas City Royals. Blue caps and jackets. Royals T-shirts.

Mixed amid the blue was a fan wearing an orange Miami Marlins jersey and visor.

Another major sporting event, and another appearance by “Marlins Man,” Laurence Leavy. According to the Marlins blog “On Cloud Conine,” Leavy has been a Marlins season ticket holder since the team’s inaugural 1993 season, back when the team was called the Florida Marlins.

He has a Marlins car. And he visits sporting events across the country, always clad in orange.

He was a visible presence at this year’s NBA Finals.

Horse racing, too.

The outfit makes him stand out.

So next time you’re watching a high-profile sporting event, keep an eye out for a fan dressed in orange. It’s Marlins Man, catching the action.