What You Need to Know Now About Donald Sterling and the Clippers

A CEO will be appointed by the NBA to take over daily operations.

ByABC News
May 4, 2014, 3:24 PM

May 4, 2014— -- Even with five of the eight first round playoff series going to game sevens, the biggest drama in the NBA may be taking place off the court, as questions swirl about the ban of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

On Saturday, an NBA spokesman announced that a chief executive officer would be installed for the team to take over for Sterling and to oversee the day-to-day operations for the team.

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"The best way to ensure the stability of the team during this difficult situation is to move quickly and install a CEO to oversee the Clippers organization," league spokesman Mike Bass said, according to ESPN. "The process of identifying that individual is under way."

That change was just the latest news for the embattled team, which has had to deal with contentious headlines about Sterling for the past week. Sterling was given a lifetime ban and fined $2.5 million as a result of racial statements he made that were then made public.

To help you stay on top of the story we've put together a quick rundown of what you should know now about Sterling and what's going on with the Los Angeles Clippers.

A Temporary Boss

Once the new CEO is appointed, that person will take over the basic daily operations for team and oversee the team's president, who has been in charge of the team since Sterling's ban.

Donald Sterling's estranged wife Shelly Sterling, also the team's co-owner, said she supported Silver's decision.

"I spoke with Commissioner Adam Silver this week to tell him that I fully supported his recent swift and decisive action," she said. "We also agreed at that time that, as a next step, both the league and the team should work together to find some fresh, accomplished executive leadership for the Clippers. I welcome his active involvement in the search for a person of the utmost character, proven excellence and a commitment to promoting equality and inclusiveness."

A New Owner?

Since Sterling's ban, multiple celebrities have made statements that they would be willing to buy the team from Sterling. While big names such as Oprah Winfrey and Magic Johnson expressed interest in acquiring the Clippers, for now Sterling remains the team owner, even though he is banned from attending a game.

It will take two-thirds of a vote of NBA owners to force Sterling to sell his team. Sacrmento Kings majority owner Vivek Ranadive told "Good Moring America" last week that he believes the vote to oust Sterling will be unanimous.

"The owners I know are all color blind and they found that this behavior was outrageous, so I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't a unanimous vote," Ranadive said." "I would be very surprised if that was not the case."

It's also unclear what role Sterling's wife Shelly Sterling could have, since she is listed as a part-owner of the team.

Who Is V. Stiviano?

The woman at the center of the controversy spoke to ABC News' Barbara Walters about her relationship with Sterling.

While Stiviano, 31, was heard on the tape talking to Sterling during his infamous tirade, she denies leaking the recording.

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In the interview with Walters, Stiviano said she was Sterling's personal assistant and "right hand arm man," and that she loves him as a "father figure."

What Does Donald Sterling Have to say?

So far, Sterling has remained almost silent about the events of the past week. He was quoted by lifestyle magazine DuJour as saying, "I wish I had just paid her off," in reference to V. Stiviano.