Peter Fury: We want Wladimir Klitschko rematch at Wembley in May

— -- Tyson Fury's trainer and uncle Peter Fury has revealed his fighter is targeting a rematch with Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley stadium in May.

Fury, 27, claimed a stunning unanimous points victory over the great world heavyweight champion in Germany on Saturday.

The Briton revealed the existence of a rematch clause in the original contract for Saturday's bout, but admitted it would involve him returning to Klitschko's German heartland even as champion.

Ukrainian Klitschko, 39, revealed plans to enforce the rematch after seeing his 11-year heavyweight reign ended by the younger man.

Peter Fury, however, insisted the British camp will have more say in the next encounter, suggesting that a fight in Britain - possibly at Wembley stadium - is high on their wishlist.

"It can be wherever it is most financially viable," Peter told Boxing News Online. "We are looking at a Wembley Stadium fight in the UK. It makes financial sense to do it sometime in May at Wembley.

"From what Tyson is doing in the gym, he only done 60 percent of what he can achieve, against Klitschko, given the occasion, going into the unknown. We are looking forward to the rematch, to show all of what Tyson can do."