Rewind: Super Bowl Twitter megachat

Peyton Manning and Richard Sherman Getty Images

New York City. Super Bowl XLVIII. Cold weather. MetLife Stadium. New Jersey.

It seems like those have been the buzz words surrounding the build up to the final game of the 2013 NFL season. But there has been a week off since the last real football game was played and we felt the need to kick the hype back up. So, we asked several of our ESPN NFL experts and some players to stop on by for a mega Super Bowl chat, where fans participated via Twitter -- #ESPNSBChat.

Bernard Pollard, @Crushboy31; Merril Hoge, @merrilhoge; Troy Brown, @RealTroyBrown80; Plaxico Burress, @plaxicoburress; Zach Ertz, @ZERTZ_86; Steve Weatherford, @Weatherford5; Bill Polian; Torry Holt, @BigGame81; Louis Riddick, @LRiddickESPN; Thurman Thomas, @thurmanthomas; Ryan Clark; and Terrell Owens, @terrellowens shared their thoughts on everything from final score and MVP predictions to the toughest matchups in the game.

@Cpt_Benjii: Late game situation similar to the one with the 49ers, will Peyton try Richard Sherman?
Bernard Pollard: I think Peyton will try anyone on the field, but he's going to be smart doing it.

@DJkhaledali: For you, what was the hardest part about playing Peyton Manning?
Bernard Pollard: He knows most of what you're doing as a defense. That's so frustrating!

@DeeWilson804: Who's the best offensive player you played against?
Bernard Pollard: The best player I've played against has to be Marshawn Lynch from Seattle. The guy is a baller!

@SamItal10: What needs to happen for the Seahawks to stop Peyton Manning?
Merril Hoge: Pressure. Pressure. Pressure -- 14 of Seattle's 30 picks have stemmed from pressure.

@MR_poloboy11: Will any of the Broncos receivers get over 100 yards?
Merril Hoge: Eric Decker might be the guy.

@The_Real_Sameer: Does Russell Wilson's lack of experience in the big game present a problem for Seattle?
Merril Hoge: I don't think so. He's been so composed from the day he started.

@JackBayer_: Is Peyton Manning going to throw for more than 300 yards?
Merril Hoge: Yes I think he will. They didn't come this far to ride somebody else.

@NiC__Swisher: Who do you think is going to be a non-factor on the Broncos offense?
Merril Hoge: It could be Wes Welker. He hasn't looked the same since his concussion.

@Bonaddio24: Who will be Super Bowl MVP?
Merril Hoge: My Super Bowl MVP is Peyton Manning. It's aligned to end like this.

@Hawk12th: Do you think Lynch will have over 100 rushing yards?
Merril Hoge: Yes I do. I think they're so versatile. Will be tough to keep him under 100.

@Mort08: Do you think Richard Sherman can cover Demaryius Thomas?
Merril Hoge: Yes, and I think Thomas can beat Sherman. That's what makes the NFL great.

@DiegoAV1201: Broncos or Seahawks??
Merril Hoge: My Super Bowl prediction is Broncos 28 - Seahawks 24.

@Calum_1: Troy! Who do you think will have the most receiving yards in the Super Bowl this Sunday?
Troy Brown: A lot of good WRs in this game. I love Decker. Good hands, good route runner, strong.

@tyrecevinercox: Richard Sherman best DB in last 6 years?
Troy Brown: He's a darn good player, but the best? Hmmmmm! We'll find out on Sunday for sure.

Troy Brown: I like the Broncos 23-16.

@rickyhawktiger: Do you think the weather (if windy) hurts Denver and Manning?
Plaxico Burress: It affects Denver more than it affects Seattle.

Plaxico Burress My Super Bowl prediction: Seattle 28 - Denver 25. Marshawn Lynch, MVP.

@ChrisTownsend42: What team do you want to win?
Zach Ertz: I'm not rooting for a team, just want to see my Stanford guys on the 'Hawks do well.

@YouCallMeRock: Who do you want to win the Super Bowl and who do you think will win?
Zach Ertz: I think if the weather is a factor in the game then that favors the Seahawks.

@Brophy_d: Which member of the LOB would you least like to go over the middle on?
Steve Weatherford: Earl Thomas brings the wood. It's gonna be a great game Super Bowl Sunday.

@McDee009: Why no talk of Denver offense being broken? They say that about Seattle. Seattle has played tougher teams.
Steve Weatherford: Denver's stats in regular season are unreal: 55 TDs, 5,400 yards passing? Sick! Seattle's D great too!

@WilliamTStory: Who do you believe is the better player in the secondary Richard Sherman or Earl Thomas?
Bill Polian: The most important player is Earl Thomas because he has the tougher job.

@LNcrownover: How do you think the Seattle D measures up to other SB team defenses like the Ravens?
Bill Polian: Nothing would ever match the 2000 Ravens since that was constructed pre-salary cap.

@kmysinger: Do you have any feel for whether Peyton will approach this SB differently than previous ones?
Bill Polian: He will approach it exactly as he does every game. His prep doesn't change.

@TylerWamGram12: Do you think Denver's defense has enough to contain Lynch?
Bill Polian: Yes I think so. It's the key to victory for the Broncos.

@RoweShowBoxing: Do you think this game comes down to experience? If so, who wins?
Bill Polian: This game comes down to turnovers and the running game for both teams.

@TJKretz02: Best one-on-one match-up in the Super Bowl?
Bill Polian: Julius Thomas vs. Richard Sherman. Yes, I think that's how they'll match-up.

@TheRealMaveo: Who's an impact player in the Superbowl that isn't getting any credit or recognition?
Torry Holt: I've liked Bobby Wagner since I saw him at the Senior Bowl.

@rickyhawktiger: I don't think the Seahawks have any players with SB experience. Is that a big deal or over blown?
Torry Holt: Can be over blown. Experience helps, but the Seahawks have guys with playing experience.

@fermDeezzyy: Who has the edge in the snow: the Seahawk DBs or the crossing and rub routes of Denver?
Louis Riddick: Offense always has the edge if/when the field conditions are less than ideal.

@TheeLidman: Easiest way to avoid Richard Sherman, line up in the slot or left side, he doesn't move from left side.
Louis Riddick: Richard will align in the slot when necessary, but yes, he likes to stay at the LC position.

@Bonaddio24: Will Sherman shut down Demaryius Thomas if they are matched together Sunday?
Thurman Thomas: Not so sure, but it will be a great matchup.

@mueller_brian: In '90, the Bills had no SB experience like the 'Hawks. Was that a detriment to the team?
Thurman Thomas: No, not at all.

@fermDeezzyy: Do you trust Denver's passing game or Beast Mode's running game to win?
Thurman Thomas: Beast Mode's running game.

@Czer412: Do you think the Seahawks have enough offensive firepower to score point-for-point with Denver?
Ryan Clark: The Seahawks can score with Denver if their D is stout in the red zone. Wilson can make clutch plays.

@Faaris626: Whose defensive backfield has the advantage over the opposing QB?
Ryan Clark: Don't think any secondary has the advantage on the opposing QB. Both QB's will make plays.

@Maxwellium: Do you think in your prime that Richard Sherman could cover you?
Terrell Owens: No way Jose! Richard is a good corner, but he would have his hands full with me.

@FMAFEpresident: What advice would you give Percy Harvin as he recovers from injury to play in the big game?
Terrell Owens: Play your heart out because you may never get that chance again.