Ronda Rousey Fights Floyd Mayweather ... In Video Game

— -- We now have an answer to the question "Who wins in a fight: Ronda Rousey or Floyd Mayweather?"

Richie Branson, a game designer, simulated the matchup between the undefeated MMA champion Rousey and the legendary boxer Mayweather on "Street Fighter IV."

They didn't fight in the ring. They didn't fight in the Octagon. They didn't even form a third shape to fight in. Instead, they fought in the streets. Here's the video to see how the fight went down.

Yes, Rousey is the queen. Rousey knocks out Mayweather in 40 seconds, all while she's put to the brink of getting knocked out herself. It's an epic battle, and while it may be the closest thing we get to an actual Rousey-Mayweather fight, at least we know who the real winner is: Branson.