Who to Root For in World Cup Now That USA Is Out

The Americans are eliminated, but that doesn't mean the tournament is over.

— -- The U.S. may be out of the World Cup, but that doesn't mean the tournament is over.

There are still eight countries vying for the world's top soccer honor. The first two matches of the quarterfinals will be played today -- France vs. Germany and Brazil vs. Colombia -- and that's a great chance to start cheering again.

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For fans still recovering from the USA's loss to Belgium earlier this week, it can be hard to pick another team to support. If you're not sure to root for, this should help you decide:

Brazil -- If You Always Have to Be First

If you just want to win, pick Brazil. They're the favorites to take home the World Cup trophy. Plus, they have home field advantage, and Brazil has more World Cup wins than any other country.

Or maybe you just really, really like Neymar. And gorgeous beaches.

Argentina -- If You Usually Pick the No. 2 Horse

You know the person who always picks the No. 2 horse to win the Kentucky Derby because they don't want to be blatantly obvious and pick the favorite, but also want a good chance of winning? If that's you, pick Argentina.

They've won the World Cup twice before and just might be the only team that has what it takes to beat Brazil.

Costa Rica -- If You Like Underdogs

If you're always rooting for the little guy, then cheer for Costa Rica. The tiny Central American nation has reached the World Cup quarterfinals for the first time in history. The team was basically an afterthought until they beat Uruguay in its opening game.

The Netherlands -- If You Can't Make Up Your Mind

They are also known as Holland and the Dutch. Confusing? If you have an identity problem -- or just like to use an alias -- then this is your team. The team has also reached the final three times -- and lost every one.

Germany -- If You're Just Really Friendly

Since so many Germans played for the U.S., why not return the favor and root for them? The German coach is friends with U.S. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who is also German. So really, you're just rooting for friendship.

Belgium -- If You're Really a Spy

This is the team that knocked the U.S. out of the tournament. So if you're feeling particularly unpatriotic, root for Belgium.

Or, maybe you just really like waffles.

France -- If You Like to Gamble

France is a wildcard at this point in the tournament. Some critics say there's no way the team can beat Germany on Friday, while others are betting it all on France, claiming striker Karim Benzema will lead the team to a win. Ready to roll the dice? Go with France.

Colombia -- If You're Really, Really Optimistic

This team plays Brazil -- on Brazil's home turf -- on Friday. So ... good luck with that.

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