Rules - Billing

— -- Billing Procedure
When you purchase your team, your credit card will automatically be billed. If your credit card company fails to authorize the charge, your team will be cancelled, removed from your frontpage, and you will permanently lose access to that team. We will send a notification to the e-mail address associated with your account. We are no longer offering reinstatements of teams that were canceled as a result of credit card problems. The two most common reasons for a failure to authorize are an incorrect expiration date, or insufficient credit room in the account. To obtain another team, go through the purchase procedure again from the game's frontpage or tour. When your account information appears, choose the "use another credit card" or "add another credit card" link to use an account that has valid information. To change your account information such as your e-mail address, go to Member Services . If you have additional questions, call our customer service line at 888-549-ESPN. It is very important to keep this information as up to date as possible. In particular, if you do not keep your e-mail address current for your account, you may miss notification of various actions and events. Overcharges
Most overcharges occur because a user has unintentionally set up two separate accounts. This can happen if your browser caches information and posts it twice. If you feel you have been overcharged, please e-mail the League Office. Include the dates and amounts of the charges on your credit card statement, and which charges you feel are incorrect. We will look into the situation and respond as soon as possible. Note: We will cancel and refund all preseason teams that do not draft by the last available draft date. Please write to