Serena Williams is pregnant, so let's throw her a baby shower

Serena Williams is pregnant, y'all. This is not a drill. The GOAT legit won her 23rd major championship while growing a tiny human. Clearly, this deserves a party and what better way to throw a party than showering an unborn child with the perfect gifts?

Here are some of our favorites.?

1.? Mommy's Tennis Buddy Bib:?Let's be real, this child will totally play tennis with Serena. And she'll never let the kid win.?

2.? Tennis Ball Swaddle Blanket:?Every baby needs a blanket. Serena's baby will be swaddled in tennis balls. Obviously.

3.? Tennis Racket Baby Onesie:?There will be so many cute onesies, but this one is definitely one of the cutest.?

4.? Kiss My Ace Onesie:?No way were we only going to have one onesie on this list. Though we advise against trying to kiss one of Serena's aces. It'd probably kill you.

5.? Little Nikes:?To be clear, no child of Serena, a style queen in her own right, would be caught in anything but some dope kicks. This should get the little one started.

6.? Little Sports Star Tennis Racket:?If the kiddo is going to be the best tennis player since Serena Williams, the child is going to need an early start.

7.? Stuffed Animal Goat:?Duh.